Eve's Older Sister

Eyes like cold black emerald
and hair dark as blight,
the Gods created Her first
before they created Light

Her curves were obscured by an opal-white suit
with matching slacks and cowboy boots.

The Gods wrote chaste soliloquies
and poems of untold eloquence
proclaiming their undying devotion
to the Reason for all existence

          while their Muse writhed and moaned
playing with herself all alone.

In vain they tried to create entire Worlds for her
animated by every Delight and Desire:
phantasmic skies and ruby red seas
that sang her name with fire

          but she slept all day and all night
dreaming of Her own Paradise.

Consumed with jealousy and lust
violence and annihilation reigned
until only one God was left
to give her immortal pleasures names

          but while the Gods waged war
Eve’s older sister grew bored.

She created perfection in a single day
but after the luminous flowers bloomed
and she had stared into the glittering pools
she found she still had nothing to do

          so She transformed herself into a venomous beast
free to slither in the apple trees.