“This is where the underclass live. The worthless. The unwanted. SALTWATER.”

Ever since she was young, Sera Tàwiq has lived in the Corroded City—an underwater slum where the permanent underclass live to mine precious metals for the surface city of V’Lkesa. But now she has a plan that could disrupt the balance of power forever.

Five page preview here.

26 pages | Utopian anarchist sci-fi action-adventure | Written by Rick Quinn. Art by Dana Obera.


“Melds together wonderful storytelling and beautiful art, exemplifying what the medium can do with a strong artistic vision.” – Comicsverse

Saltwater is visceral, it’s tragic, it’s affecting, and it’s beautiful. It’s a good read and a solid introduction to a dystopian sci-fi series starring a fierce protagonist against a vividly harsh backdrop.” – Doom Rocket (Required Reading)

“A very slick, visually striking work from a creative team that could well go far together.” – Comic Bastards

“Deep themes involving social stratification, individual choices, and anarchy give the book a V for Vendetta feeling in the best way possible.” – ComicBookWire

“Obera’s watercolor here is gorgeous, rich and full of life.” – The Comic Book Yeti

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