Spirit Drifters

“Back when we thought that magic could still be saved.”

Magic is a relic of the past. The ancient spirits have been locked away to “protect” civilization and a technology-obsessed empire has taken over. Still, there remains a diaspora of rogues and wizards who have refused to give up the old ways, called “spirit drifters”, who travel outside of normal society and culture.

“Crossed Wires” is about two spirit drifters—Raoul and Talitha—who enter a frontier town protected by two colossal robot guardians. Upon arriving, they are treated with suspicion and hostility. But when one of the mechanical sentinels malfunctions, only Raoul and Talitha have the power to stop it before it destroys the city. In “Death By a Thousand Cuts,” Amanda Basu, a treasure hunter, is caught by a squadron of Imperial officers with only a small, rusted dagger to protect herself….

Five page preview here.

30 pages | Fantasy action-adventure | Written by Rick Quinn. Art by Erik Whalen.


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