Uncanny Valley:


A sci-fi comic book anthology from Rick Quinn + Martyn Lorbiecki about the disquieting space between the real and the artificial. Includes four comic short stories (“Earworm,” “Computer Blue,” “Tell Us How You Really Feel,” and “Chameleons”) featuring art by Martyn Lorbiecki, Amie Wilensky, and Nami Oshiro. Bonus pinup art by Fell Hound, Don Austin, and Louis Grieves. Essays by Tiffany Babb and Edward Haynes. An original prose short story w/ original illustrations by Renton Hawkey. Over 100 pages!


SunnySkies Coffee Mug

Drink your morning coffee in this custom mug which features art by “Computer Blue” artist Amie Wilensky. Think different. (*ONLY FIVE AVAILABLE.)